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Protecting your privacy:

Energyflash is dedicated to protecting and maintaining your personal privacy and treats all information provided by our customers as both private and confidential. Under no circumstances will we pass on your personal details to a third party unless you have specifically requested us to do so.

Requesting your personal details:

In order for us to complete your order, respond to a request for information, or to register you for the Energyflash Newsletter, we will need you to provide us with personal details.

The information we will ask for will be marked as 'required fields' when completing a form and represents the minimum amount of information needed to complete your request.

Making recommendations:

In order for us to make recommendations about products or services that may be of interest to you, we will also keep a record of items that you have purchased in the past or have stored in the Energyflash Wish List.

Security Policy

Energyflash Passwords:

Your Energyflash password is used to protect the personal information that you share with us. It is important that you keep it in a safe place and do not pass on your details to a third party. If the situation arises when you need to verify your password with us, we will happily do this on conformation of your personal details.

Sending your ‘Cookies’:

A Cookie is a small piece of code that is stored by your browser, on your computers hard drive. The Energyflash cookies allow us to store items in your Shopping Basket and to pre-populate order forms between each of your visits.

Using credit cards:

Energyflash maintains the highest levels of security available to ensure that you are not exposed to security risks as a result of using our service. All pages containing personal information are placed on a secure server and the transfer of all information is encrypted.

If you require specific details of our security measures you may contact uswith a request for information at any time.